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deez nuts 3 years ago
The dude at the end had me rollin I swear why the fuck is he groaning like that
3 years ago
If my boyfriend had a dick that small i would cry to death laughing
Niggaman 2 years ago
LMAO this nigga said “make some noise” I’m dead he not fucking them good at all they feel nothing. Girl would moan natural if they feel good this is so sad tbh I’m ducking dying
Goaf 3 years ago
I’m gonna sticc this up your ass! But I poop from there! Not right now you don’t lmao
Anon 1 year ago
6:00 is everyone just ignoring the fact that a cameraman got cummed on
2 years ago
5:45 i was dead
Make some noice guy 1 year ago
Wtf why me
Wjhau 2 years ago
Who is the girl of the minute 1:25
whajas 1 year ago
I feel bad for the gal at the start
haha 1 year ago
bro that dog said what the Fucc is diss he also said, wtf is that smell i think i smell something fishy