Suprise m. fucker!!! Harpoon anal

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BRUHH 6 years ago
The first porn vid who make me laugh
that would hurt 5 years ago
yes it would hurt a lot if u haven't prepped your anus first. remember your anus isn't truly meant to have a dick in it so its not designed to have a dick rammed into the anus. it like 1 of thous tense elastic band thats hard to stretch at first but starts to become easier to stretch after playin with it for awhile (p,s if ur eatin out a pussy u should suck and lick not just lick)
Mary 5 years ago
It happens to me too and it really hearts
True 6 years ago
This happened to my girlfriend and me once! Same position and everything, the next day she walked in and said "fuck me in the ass"
that would hurt 2 5 years ago
they call it a donkey punch for a reason atlest where I come from its called that
oh come on... 5 years ago
a bit of lube and she will do it again
meme: 5 years ago
How could this happen to me, I made my mistakes, got no way to tell all of my wastes, how could this happen to me?
damn 7 years ago
i laughed so hard..
lmao 5 years ago
Name 3 years ago
Whats is her name?